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Scona Swim School offers a unique lesson expierence. Our program is for all swimming ages and abilities. Started by RiverCity Recreation Inc operating out of Scona Pool in Edmonton, our one of a kind programming has quickly expanded to a City-Wide program now called Scona Swim School.

To learn more about our swimming lessons program and what we have to offer please visit our info page.





Program FAQ'S

Lesson Information and Requirements


If your child was previously enrolled in Scona Pool Swimming lessons, please see below for a transition guide to our new Swim for life Program offered through the Lifesaving Society.

‘Scona Pool Swimming Lessons’ (Blue) to ‘Swim for Life’ (Red) Transition Guide

Document outlining NEW Preschool Program: Preschool at a Glance

Document outlining NEW Swimmer Program: Swimmer At a Glance


Steps for registration;

1. Select the location and day you would like to attend
2. Scroll down the page to view the class list
3. Select the class you would like to register for by selecting (>Register for class)
4. Fill in all required information
5. Proceed to our secured payment processing website
6. Once fully registered you will receive an e-mail with classes you registered for and a payment receipt

Beginner 1
Preschool 1
Beginner 2
Preschool 2 / 3
Beginner 3
Preschool 4 or Swimmer 1

Front Float
Back Float
Swim with PFD
Jumping in the water
Climbing out of Pool
Swimming with Adult/Collecting Toys

Front Float with Assistance
Back Float with Assistance
Submerge Head
Flutter kick with board 5 meters assisted
Jump in Shallow End
Jump in Deep End
Collecting Toys from bottom of Pool

Front Float
Back Float
Flutter kick 10 meters with board
Front Glide 5 meters
Jump in Shallow End and Deep End
Swim across Deep End in Life Jacket
Open eyes underwater

Intermediate 1
Swimmer 2 / 3
Intermediate 2
Swimmer 4
Intermediate 3
Swimmer 5 / 6

Basic Front Crawl 15m
Flutter kick with board 25m
Freestyle Pull (no kick) 10m
Sitting Dive
Tread Water 10 seconds
Jump Into the Deep Water
Streamline 5m
Flutter Kick on Right and Left Side 10m

Flutter Kick on back board over knees 50m
Flutter Kick on back with shoulder roll 25m
Backcrawl Pull (no arms) 25m
Back glide and swim 15m
Tread Water 30 Seconds
Kneeling Dive
Backcrawl 25m

Tread Water 1 minute
75m kick on back
75m kick on front
Standing Dives
Back Crawl 50m
Front Crawl 50m
Back Crawl Pull 50m
Front Crawl Pull 50m

Advanced 1
Swimmer 6
Advanced 2
Swimmer 6
Advanced 3
Swimmer 6

Tread Water 2 minutes
Front Crawl 100m
Back Crawl 100m
Competition Starts
Streamline with dolphin kick 25m
Flutter Kick 100m
Flutter Kick on Back 100m
Front Crawl Pull 100m
Back Crawl Pull 100m

2 Kicks 1 Pull Breaststroke 2x25m
2 hand touch turns
Treading Water with hands able water 1.5 minutes
Surface Dives
Whipkick 50m
Breaststroke Streamlines
Competition Starts
Breaststroke Sculling 2x25m
Breaststroke 50m

Dolphin Kick 50m
1Arm Fly 25m/arm
Vertical Dolphin Kick 30 seconds
Fly Pull no kick 25m
5 + 1 Fly 50m
IM Turns
Competition Start with 10m Streamline
Relay Takeovers
Butterfly 25m

We are aware the payment system is down for swimming lessons, please go ahead and register yourself or your children in the class you would like, and we will contact you for payment. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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*Please note class availability or instructors may change at any time*

*Our cancellation policy*

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