Program Information

Welcome to Scona Swim School

Who are we?
Scona Swim School is our brand new program we are excited to offer at RiverCity Recreation Inc. The focus is learning to swim with better technique faster. Our new program has been developed by swimming professionals with years of experience. Finally we have the answer to the question: What is the best way to learn how to swim while still having fun?

Why the name change?
As RiverCity Recreation continues to grow and expand our programming, we decided to revisit our swim school, and make it better!

What has changed?
We updated our program, so that we could continue to offer the best swimming experience possible. We will not waiver from our values or desire to ensure everyone has a safe and full understanding of the water. We will continue to offer industry leading instructors who create a positive and fun-loving atmosphere for all who participate.

What is unique about your program?
Our program is designed to teach all ages to effectively swim. Our program starts children off at a young age to encourage strong technique and to make learning how to swim a very positive experience. Scona offers smaller class sizes and a more intensive learning experience. Our focus is on teaching the 4 core strokes to swimming and competitive skills.

Who is your program for?
Our program is for ALL ages and levels of swimming.

Is there a safety component incorporated in your lessons?
Yes, our program does offer pool / water safety to our students, however unlike other programs we focus more on technique. This helps the student swim more efficiently for longer.
What training do your instructors have?
All Scona Swim instructors are certified swim instructors through different national programs, in addition many of them have a competitive swim background. Our instructors receive additional training at Scona through shadowing and regular meetings with our Deck Supervisors. All our instructors have past experience in instructing and are evaluated on a regular basis.

Do you offer make-up classes?

Unfortunately no, our program is uniquely designed in that we allow all instructors to create and execute there own lesson plans. As our program session run back to back we simply do not have scheduling availability to add make up classes. *We ask that all parents ensure they are able to attend at least 5 of 6 classes and ensure the children are practising on a regular basis at home in the tub or at the swimming pool. We offer lessons 5 days per week so please find a class that will best suit your schedule*

Where is your program offered?
Currently our program will be offer out of the following locations at various times throughout the season;

Scona Pool



Will there be evaluations?
Yes! We have evaluations at Scona Pool, Evaluations are not mandatory to register;"


                                       *Please select your desired day to register for our free evaluation camp*


Stay Tuned more evaluation camps to be announced soon


Session Dates - *Please note registration will close 1 week prior to the session start*

For registrations after the closing date please send us an e-mail


Session 4 - Feb 16 - March 26 - Registration Now Open!!


Session 5 - April 3 - May 13 - Registration Now Open


Session 6 - May 22 - June 30 - Registration Now Open *Please note no Sunday classes will be available due to calendar restrictions*


What are the costs for your program? Our programming costs are based on class length. We do NOT have registration fees



Class Name Cost Class Size Class Length
Beginner 1 $90 12 30 Minutes
Beginner 2 $90 4 30 Minutes
Beginner 3 $90 4 30 Minutes
Intermediate 1 $135 5 45 Minutes
Intermediate 2 $135 6 45 Minutes
Intermediate 3 $135 8 45 Minutes
Advanced 1 $180 10 60 Minutes
Advanced 2 $180 10 60 Minutes
Advanced 3 $180 10 60 Minutes
Private Lessons $300 1 30 Minutes
Adult / Stroke Improvement $75 12 30 Minutes



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